Responsible Conversions

Over sized picture frame leaning against unfinished white walls next to cushions and sofa chair over wooden herringbone pattern floor. 3d Rendering.

The loft conversion industry as a whole is becoming more and more dedicated towards those who just wish to receive a rise in property value as opposed to those who wish to actually benefit from the conversion themselves. Many forget that the reason most people get their lofts converted to begin with is to ensure that they are able to fit the family into one home despite if the family is still growing or not. If you were a part of a family of 6, space becomes that much more important and if you are running out of bedrooms or living space then a loft conversion would be the perfect solution without worrying about getting an entire new house!

The loft conversion industry really blew up from the start because living spaces were becoming increasingly difficult to find, and with the increase in both families and children that families had, more living space became a necessity. Funds for a larger property or home were not available though, and that meant that families had to look for another way to find space within the homes they already had. If you were not able to share rooms, the needs for finding an extra room or space within the home was apparent.

That is why the loft conversion became a staple within properties to this day. Since there were no other ways to find space within your home apart from creating it with an extension or addition, the loft conversion became necessary. Adding living space within your home by creating a converted loft, families were then able to find somewhere for their kids or even themselves to sleep at night, and that was why a loft conversion was created to begin with.

Why is the industry falling?


Nowadays, the loft conversion industry is more focused on increasing property value using the loft conversion than they are concerned about creating practical and useful living spaces. Very often are loft converters asked by real estate agents and property owners to convert a loft for a property to increase the value of the property without thinking about practicalities and the usefulness of the conversion itself. Most of the time they will want a loft converted without looking at if it needs to be a living space, hobby room or a bedroom. In this case I would personally believe that these real estate agents and home owners should just get a loft boarding or an extension before converting the entire loft and dedicating it towards a room that is not necessary.

There is very little that we can do as an industry to stop these practices though. There is no way for us to stop the misuse of loft conversions around the country for two main reasons. We cannot tell people what they should or shouldn’t do with their own property, and considering our business is built on loft conversions as a whole, it is difficult to cut off potential jobs that we need frankly. We can only be so responsible when the home owners themselves or property owners are not willing to do the same, and we would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.