Loft conversions are positive, not negative!

We have been making quite a few posts here at Leadership Portage County, but one of the things that I want to talk about is the fear that many home owners have when it comes to loft conversions around the United Kingdom. Without trying to sound horrible since we understand that it is the home owners right to feel however they want to feel about their property, but it seems as if these days everyone has an opinion on all these “negative” things that comes with a loft conversion that quite honestly, don’t even really exist. People factor in the costs of a loft conversion as a negative without looking at the positives a loft conversion will bring, but that is relative and it is also natural for an industry like loft conversions because of the fact it is a high-ticket service.

The truth is though, for reasons we have already said a few times, it is difficult to take the costs as a negative thing when you look at the positives that a loft conversion brings too. I think that when discussing a loft conversion or contemplating whether to get one or not, you should not factor the price the conversion takes just because of the amount of money that comes back to you both short-term and long. So I never really take people seriously when they try to genuinely argue that a loft conversion is pointless because of how expensive it is. Just like everything in life, if you want something done well then you have to pay extra.

Other negatives


One of the other negatives that I’ve heard which I believe to be short term thinking are those who believe it takes too long. Because the average loft conversion takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks, people believe that a total of 12 weeks is too long for anyone to be working on a home. This is what I believe to be both short-sighted and also a lack of consideration. A loft conversion will of course take time because of everything that is involved within the conversion. In some cases, you may even be taking the roof off of a building and extending it just to fit whatever it necessary for the loft conversion itself. It is not a simple job but because of the benefits, it can be a job that has become necessary.

Remember, you are basically adding a second bedroom to your home without a lot of the inconvenience that could otherwise be caused. Just think, if you wanted to add a bedroom to your home that required a full extension, that is a job that could take half a year if not done correctly. The difference between 6 weeks and 6 months is noticeable, and you will actually be paying less for the loft conversion as opposed to the extension. The fact of the matter is, not only do the positives completely outweigh the negatives with a loft conversion, but a loft conversion is much cheaper than you would believe.

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