Loft Conversion Industry

Classic mezzanine loft with big window and forest panorama, living room, summer or spring garden meadow, minimalist scandinavian interior design, 3d illustration

The loft conversion industry as a whole is ever growing, with many people choosing to convert their lofts every day. There are some really amazing family run countries out there for you to choose from, but there are also so many different new designs that are constantly coming out from all these new loft converters. I have seen so many loft converters not only bring their own designs to me and some of the lofts that they have converted using those designs, but also many loft converters who I am in touch with who feel that there are many jobs out there too.

Although the average person who is reading this blog knows exactly what a lot conversion is, I am sure that there may be people who are unaware as to what it actually is. Quite simply put, it is transforming and empty or unusable attic or loft spaces that can be turned into whatever you would like it to be. This can be anything from a bedroom and an office space to even a gym or normal storage space. It is probably the most popular service of home improvements that are provided in the United Kingdom for a number of reasons such as the added living space and the increase in property values given. Although many people decide that they are able to do a DIY loft conversion, many people do not realise the costs and difficulty that is part of the loft conversion process. It is actually an incredibly complex and complicated process that many can easily do wrong, which is why it is best to hire professionals to do so for you.

Other forms of loft conversion are to convert old commercial properties that were not originally living spaces into living spaces such as former factories and warehouses. This has been done a large amount in places such as New York City, and will probably continue to be done for a long-time due to the added living space being very appealing to real estate agents and landlords. It is also done quite easily because of the new designers of loft converters.

As stated before, converting a loft is actually a really complicated and complex home improvement technique but not even loft can be converted into what you would need. You have to make sure that the actual dimensions of each loft make it feasible for a conversion to take place, just as much as you need to make sure that there is enough clearance between your roof space and entrance. As long as you have accurately worked out the dimensions of your loft or a loft conversion specialist has also cleared the potential conversion, then you can go forward.

There are also a number of different loft conversions that you could create. The most common and probably most enjoyable is the roof window conversion which is actually attractive because it does not require any restructuring of your roof itself. It feels your room with a substantial amount of natural light that makes your loft come to life, but also makes your home itself come to life too. The second type of conversion is also a dormer conversion, which is more of an extension to your roof using windows. It will allow you to have both more room and more natural light and headspace into your loft. It is usually necessary to receive planning permissions for all dormer loft conversions too. There are other loft conversions such as hip to gable and mansard, but we will talk more about those in another blog post.

Although this might seem like both basic and obvious information, you would be surprised how often the average home owner is completely unaware of this. If you are looking for a loft conversion specialist I would say to get in touch with a professional instead of doing it yourself, as you are asking for many complications and headaches that are otherwise avoidable for a much cheaper price. Please look at tomorrows blog for more information on the industry!