Loft Conversion & Building industry

The loft conversion industry within the United Kingdom is growing, but so is the whole building and construction industry. With the uncertain future of the United Kingdom after Brexit and many other events after the election, it is pretty much unknown what will happen with both the future of the housing market and the economy as a whole. We recently researched on a different blog the current situation of both the loft conversion industry and the building and construction industry in a number of areas around the United Kingdom. One of the interesting facts we learnt was that in the Birmingham area, there has been a ten fold increase in new property building projects.

An increase ten fold with building projects, especially with them being residential is almost unheard of and is definitely a modern time sign of gentrification within a particular area. With Manchester the increase is not as large, but there is a benefit with extra residential houses. New and increasing residential homes mean that there are more potential lofts that will be converted in the future, and more people that will want to have their lofts converted. With the increase in the new homes and lofts being created, it means that despite if the loft industry rises or falls, there will still be jobs to be taken.

The increase of projects


Another extra benefit for residential new builds to increase throughout the years is that loft conversion experts will have other opportunities to branch out. With the increase of homes, there will be an increased demand for builders and constructers within the areas. There will be more architects and labourers and even designers that will be necessary. If there is a decrease in the industry there will be other roles for those specialized to take on for a while. An increase in the home improvement industry as a whole is a bonus to everyone, and as long as there are enough jobs to go around then everyone is a winner.

One of the more pressing matters that need to be attended to are the choices to start ordering and delivering materials with local suppliers. While I do not want to name and shame companies that refuse to order from local suppliers, I will say that there is a lot. Those same companies will also have a lot of trouble ordering from suppliers from different countries for a cheap price. With the exit of the EU and the potential disasters that could come economically under a new government, there will be a raise in taxes from VAT to national income. Even National Insurance will be rising so there is no way to estimate just what the economy or industry will be like.

That is why it is important for us to discuss these upcoming changes with our competitors and those in relative industries. When these changes come, it is important that as peers we are both ready and willing to make sure that we all get through the turmoil.

We want to give a big shout out to loft conversion in Manchester company Manchester Loft Converters. Not only did they give us information about the increasing new builds in the Manchester and Birmingham area, but they also helped us with our other blogs too!