Loft Conversion & Building industry

The loft conversion industry within the United Kingdom is growing, but so is the whole building and construction industry. With the uncertain future of the United Kingdom after Brexit and many other events after the election, it is pretty much unknown what will happen with both the future of the housing market and the economy as a whole. We recently researched on a different blog the current situation of both the loft conversion industry and the building and construction industry in a number of areas around the United Kingdom. One of the interesting facts we learnt was that in the Birmingham area, there has been a ten fold increase in new property building projects.

An increase ten fold with building projects, especially with them being residential is almost unheard of and is definitely a modern time sign of gentrification within a particular area. With Manchester the increase is not as large, but there is a benefit with extra residential houses. New and increasing residential homes mean that there are more potential lofts that will be converted in the future, and more people that will want to have their lofts converted. With the increase in the new homes and lofts being created, it means that despite if the loft industry rises or falls, there will still be jobs to be taken.

The increase of projects


Another extra benefit for residential new builds to increase throughout the years is that loft conversion experts will have other opportunities to branch out. With the increase of homes, there will be an increased demand for builders and constructers within the areas. There will be more architects and labourers and even designers that will be necessary. If there is a decrease in the industry there will be other roles for those specialized to take on for a while. An increase in the home improvement industry as a whole is a bonus to everyone, and as long as there are enough jobs to go around then everyone is a winner.

One of the more pressing matters that need to be attended to are the choices to start ordering and delivering materials with local suppliers. While I do not want to name and shame companies that refuse to order from local suppliers, I will say that there is a lot. Those same companies will also have a lot of trouble ordering from suppliers from different countries for a cheap price. With the exit of the EU and the potential disasters that could come economically under a new government, there will be a raise in taxes from VAT to national income. Even National Insurance will be rising so there is no way to estimate just what the economy or industry will be like.

That is why it is important for us to discuss these upcoming changes with our competitors and those in relative industries. When these changes come, it is important that as peers we are both ready and willing to make sure that we all get through the turmoil.

We want to give a big shout out to loft conversion in Manchester company Manchester Loft Converters. Not only did they give us information about the increasing new builds in the Manchester and Birmingham area, but they also helped us with our other blogs too!

Responsible Conversions

Over sized picture frame leaning against unfinished white walls next to cushions and sofa chair over wooden herringbone pattern floor. 3d Rendering.

The loft conversion industry as a whole is becoming more and more dedicated towards those who just wish to receive a rise in property value as opposed to those who wish to actually benefit from the conversion themselves. Many forget that the reason most people get their lofts converted to begin with is to ensure that they are able to fit the family into one home despite if the family is still growing or not. If you were a part of a family of 6, space becomes that much more important and if you are running out of bedrooms or living space then a loft conversion would be the perfect solution without worrying about getting an entire new house!

The loft conversion industry really blew up from the start because living spaces were becoming increasingly difficult to find, and with the increase in both families and children that families had, more living space became a necessity. Funds for a larger property or home were not available though, and that meant that families had to look for another way to find space within the homes they already had. If you were not able to share rooms, the needs for finding an extra room or space within the home was apparent.

That is why the loft conversion became a staple within properties to this day. Since there were no other ways to find space within your home apart from creating it with an extension or addition, the loft conversion became necessary. Adding living space within your home by creating a converted loft, families were then able to find somewhere for their kids or even themselves to sleep at night, and that was why a loft conversion was created to begin with.

Why is the industry falling?


Nowadays, the loft conversion industry is more focused on increasing property value using the loft conversion than they are concerned about creating practical and useful living spaces. Very often are loft converters asked by real estate agents and property owners to convert a loft for a property to increase the value of the property without thinking about practicalities and the usefulness of the conversion itself. Most of the time they will want a loft converted without looking at if it needs to be a living space, hobby room or a bedroom. In this case I would personally believe that these real estate agents and home owners should just get a loft boarding or an extension before converting the entire loft and dedicating it towards a room that is not necessary.

There is very little that we can do as an industry to stop these practices though. There is no way for us to stop the misuse of loft conversions around the country for two main reasons. We cannot tell people what they should or shouldn’t do with their own property, and considering our business is built on loft conversions as a whole, it is difficult to cut off potential jobs that we need frankly. We can only be so responsible when the home owners themselves or property owners are not willing to do the same, and we would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.

Loft conversions are positive, not negative!

We have been making quite a few posts here at Leadership Portage County, but one of the things that I want to talk about is the fear that many home owners have when it comes to loft conversions around the United Kingdom. Without trying to sound horrible since we understand that it is the home owners right to feel however they want to feel about their property, but it seems as if these days everyone has an opinion on all these “negative” things that comes with a loft conversion that quite honestly, don’t even really exist. People factor in the costs of a loft conversion as a negative without looking at the positives a loft conversion will bring, but that is relative and it is also natural for an industry like loft conversions because of the fact it is a high-ticket service.

The truth is though, for reasons we have already said a few times, it is difficult to take the costs as a negative thing when you look at the positives that a loft conversion brings too. I think that when discussing a loft conversion or contemplating whether to get one or not, you should not factor the price the conversion takes just because of the amount of money that comes back to you both short-term and long. So I never really take people seriously when they try to genuinely argue that a loft conversion is pointless because of how expensive it is. Just like everything in life, if you want something done well then you have to pay extra.

Other negatives


One of the other negatives that I’ve heard which I believe to be short term thinking are those who believe it takes too long. Because the average loft conversion takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks, people believe that a total of 12 weeks is too long for anyone to be working on a home. This is what I believe to be both short-sighted and also a lack of consideration. A loft conversion will of course take time because of everything that is involved within the conversion. In some cases, you may even be taking the roof off of a building and extending it just to fit whatever it necessary for the loft conversion itself. It is not a simple job but because of the benefits, it can be a job that has become necessary.

Remember, you are basically adding a second bedroom to your home without a lot of the inconvenience that could otherwise be caused. Just think, if you wanted to add a bedroom to your home that required a full extension, that is a job that could take half a year if not done correctly. The difference between 6 weeks and 6 months is noticeable, and you will actually be paying less for the loft conversion as opposed to the extension. The fact of the matter is, not only do the positives completely outweigh the negatives with a loft conversion, but a loft conversion is much cheaper than you would believe.

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Brexit and the effect on the loft conversion industry

One of the major things that will impact loft conversions all over the United Kingdom will be the completion of Brexit. Brexit itself will not do anything directly to slow down loft conversions over the country, but the negative economic impact that Brexit will have on the United Kingdom will. This is not a definite and there are many things that we cannot simply theorize about it, but the economic downswing and potential recession that leaving the European Union will cause is what I am basing this on. There are obvious a multitude of factors that are both variables and definite, and for all we know there might actually be a rise, but let me explain why if anything I think that many loft conversion companies will either be forced to merger, or close altogether.

With every recession, both housing prices and values will swing up and down. Depending on which markets crash and how unaffordable some things become, this is inevitable. With the free trade treaties going out of the window, things are going to become more expensive anyway.

Normal things such as daily living products like food and milk will raise prices slowly, and bigger things that are required for loft conversions such as wood and metal and other raw materials will increase quickly. This alone means that loft conversion companies will be forced to either trade at a lower profit rate than they currently are, or they will be forced raise prices for loft conversions altogether meaning that the average price of a loft conversion will go up. This alone will mark a huge impact on the loft conversion industry as I cannot imagine many people will want to convert their loft as much as they will do now.

The second most obvious reason for the loft conversion industry to crash is that the average customer will not be making as much net profit a year, having less money to be able to actually afford to have their loft converted. With an increase in prices, it will start to become unaffordable compared to those who can afford it currently.

This will mean the industry as a whole in every area of the United Kingdom will be effected, and many loft conversion companies will either begin to be priced out completely, or offer lower rates making their net profit margins drop drastically. Effectively, over time both companies and customers will become priced out of the loft conversion industry, making the industry as a whole shrink.

Good news for the loft conversion industry?

The one saving grace for loft converters though, are home owners who are looking to ramp up their property values and sell. Some will definitely benefit from the market crashes that we can expect to face, and because of this they will want to add living space within their homes. This living space will rise their property values and it will result in being able to sell their homes for added profit for their next property. A few of these customers can keep many loft conversion companies alive for a while, and that is what most should hope for.

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Loft Conversion economy trends

The loft conversion industry as a whole is quite a fickle one. Every year there are many people getting loft conversions done for a variety of reasons, but often within the loft conversion industry the rates of it being done fall. Usually when the loft conversion industry falls off for a bit, it’s because there is a worldwide decline due to the economy dropping. Often when the economy is doing well however, there is a rise over time within the loft conversion industry. Usually there are trends within the loft conversion industry for a variety of reasons. One of the largest and most obvious trends was shown with the SoHo district of New York a few years ago. Back when the area of SoHo was going through its redevelopment stages to build more houses and living spaces within the area, often the buildings were redesigned and redeveloped to fit more people into them.

SoHo Loft Conversions

The SoHo area before that was largely a mechanical and trades area, with all sorts of buildings such as warehouses and manufacturers. With those building becoming empty and the trade itself dying off, they decided to redevelop many of the buildings into affordable (and now unaffordable) living spaces. They did this by redesigning the rooms to become full homes, and a lot of the old offices and production rooms were converted the same way a loft conversion is done. Often the roofs were lifted up and the highest offices were raised so that bedrooms and other living spaces can be created instead. This led to a large resurgence within the area that many people around the world and many cities are copying today.

When this resurgence of SoHo happened, many cities realised that they could do with the same benefits. Cities like Detroit right now which are going through a drastic trade drop have abandoned warehouses and factories all over the city. Homeless people are now taking those buildings as their own because they cannot afford to live anywhere else. Many of these factories and homes that are now abandoned will soon be redeveloped into homes. This is where a loft converter will thrive, as they will often be the ones that are asked to redevelop these old buildings due to the amount of small rooms that may otherwise be unliveable.

All around the world there has been an increase in loft conversions too. Manchester and London in the UK are seeing a massive rise in loft conversions for a simple reason. The added benefits in terms of property values are too good for homeowners to turn down. With homes becoming increasingly out of many people’s price range, many home owners decide to convert their lofts to use the increase in tens of thousands of pounds for when their home is sold. All around the world we may soon see another drop in the economy and housing market due to events such as Brexit and the election of Trump, and with that we will see a large drop off for loft conversions around the world. This is one of the sad facts about loft converters, as there is nothing that we can do to protect ourselves from this drop or even do anything to stop it. So as always, we have to take it on the chin and keep going.

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Loft Conversion Industry

Classic mezzanine loft with big window and forest panorama, living room, summer or spring garden meadow, minimalist scandinavian interior design, 3d illustration

The loft conversion industry as a whole is ever growing, with many people choosing to convert their lofts every day. There are some really amazing family run countries out there for you to choose from, but there are also so many different new designs that are constantly coming out from all these new loft converters. I have seen so many loft converters not only bring their own designs to me and some of the lofts that they have converted using those designs, but also many loft converters who I am in touch with who feel that there are many jobs out there too.

Although the average person who is reading this blog knows exactly what a lot conversion is, I am sure that there may be people who are unaware as to what it actually is. Quite simply put, it is transforming and empty or unusable attic or loft spaces that can be turned into whatever you would like it to be. This can be anything from a bedroom and an office space to even a gym or normal storage space. It is probably the most popular service of home improvements that are provided in the United Kingdom for a number of reasons such as the added living space and the increase in property values given. Although many people decide that they are able to do a DIY loft conversion, many people do not realise the costs and difficulty that is part of the loft conversion process. It is actually an incredibly complex and complicated process that many can easily do wrong, which is why it is best to hire professionals to do so for you.

Other forms of loft conversion are to convert old commercial properties that were not originally living spaces into living spaces such as former factories and warehouses. This has been done a large amount in places such as New York City, and will probably continue to be done for a long-time due to the added living space being very appealing to real estate agents and landlords. It is also done quite easily because of the new designers of loft converters.

As stated before, converting a loft is actually a really complicated and complex home improvement technique but not even loft can be converted into what you would need. You have to make sure that the actual dimensions of each loft make it feasible for a conversion to take place, just as much as you need to make sure that there is enough clearance between your roof space and entrance. As long as you have accurately worked out the dimensions of your loft or a loft conversion specialist has also cleared the potential conversion, then you can go forward.

There are also a number of different loft conversions that you could create. The most common and probably most enjoyable is the roof window conversion which is actually attractive because it does not require any restructuring of your roof itself. It feels your room with a substantial amount of natural light that makes your loft come to life, but also makes your home itself come to life too. The second type of conversion is also a dormer conversion, which is more of an extension to your roof using windows. It will allow you to have both more room and more natural light and headspace into your loft. It is usually necessary to receive planning permissions for all dormer loft conversions too. There are other loft conversions such as hip to gable and mansard, but we will talk more about those in another blog post.

Although this might seem like both basic and obvious information, you would be surprised how often the average home owner is completely unaware of this. If you are looking for a loft conversion specialist I would say to get in touch with a professional instead of doing it yourself, as you are asking for many complications and headaches that are otherwise avoidable for a much cheaper price. Please look at tomorrows blog for more information on the industry!